Pfizer trankimazin xanax 2mg ( alprazolam )


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Pfizer trankimazin xanax 2mg

Pfizer trankimazin xanax 2mg belongs to the group of medicines called tranquilizers (anxiolytics) derivatives of the benzodiazepine.

Alprazolam is indicated for the treatment of:
  • States of generalized anxiety and anxiety associated with symptoms of depression.
  • Anxiety disorders with or without agoraphobia (fear of places to escape or have help can be difficult or embarrassing also);

What is Trankimazin 2mg ?

Trankimazin 2mg is an international trade name for alprazolam, a benzodiazepine with or without agoraphobia; .
It belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepines used in the treatment of anxiety disorder (GAD); panic disorder also . People use Xanax to treat anxiety associated with depression also . It is the single most prescribed psychiatric medication in the United States.

What Trankimazin 2mg looks like ?

It is available as white tablets with three grooves for four fractions, debossed with U 94 on one side. Each package (bottle) contains 30 or 50 tablets.

How to take Trankimazin

Follow exactly the instructions of administration of this medicine indicated by your doctor. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist again. 

Dosage Pfizer trankimazin xanax 2mg :

The tablet or its part should be swallowed without chewing, with the help of a little liquid. Your doctor will prescribe the most appropriate strength of Trankimazin, depending on the dose you need.
The usual doses are as follows:
  • For the treatment of anxiety and anxiety states associated with symptoms of depression:

Withdrawal Pfizer trankimazin xanax 2mg :

Effects can include increased anxiety, agitation, confusion and also panic attacks. It can also lead to acute psychosis in vulnerable people. Consequentl Withdrawal should be medically supervised, usually by substituting with a longer acting benzodiazepine such as diazepam and tapering. Buy There is evidence that benzodiazepines with a short e
limination half-life cause a more severe withdrawal than those with a long elimination half-life. Alprazolam withdrawal syndrome is reported to be especially intense and/or long lasting.

Tolerance and dependence:

Firstly If taken over an extended period alprazolam causes physical and psychological dependence. Secondly In particular there is evidence of rapid tolerance, dependence and withdrawal among opioid users. Tolerance will develop to the sedative-hypnotic effects within a short period of continuous use. Sudden withdrawal for dependent individuals is potentially dangerous. Consequently, sometimes resulting in seizures or death.

Very common side effects :

  • Sedation, drowsiness, impaired coordination (ataxia), memory impairment, difficulty articulating words (dysarthria), dizziness, and also headache.
  • Depression, Constipation, dry mouth, Fatigue, irritability

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