Redotex NF capsules ( Extended Release )


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Redotex NF capsules

Redotex NF capsules is mexican diet pills use to increase metabolism and potentially decrease appetite. These two actions are common in such weight loss aids, as they create a caloric deficit and can speed. Because of the ingredients, Redotex seems to work in a variety of ways.

How to buy redotex NF?

Buy redotex NF Box with 30 Extended Release Capsules. We provide next day shipping with also 20% on next orders . So use 1 Capsule fasting per day, for periods of up to 6 months.

Whta is Difference between redotex and redotex nf ?

Firstly Redotex is a drug composed of five substances
  1. D-norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride,
  2. Triiodothyronine,
  3. Diazepam,
  4. Aloin and Atropine Sulfate 
approved by health regulations in Mexico since 1956 as part of the treatment of obesity. In other words, Redotex has been in the Mexican market for about 62 years.
Secondly NF is another medicine authorized as part of the treatment of obesity.
The difference from Redotex is that the NF presentation (which stands for new formulation) does not have triiodothyronine and diazepam in its composition.
So it containt :
  1. D-norpseudoephedrine Hydrochloride,
  2. Aloin and Atropine Sulfate
But both drugs have been found to be effective in treating obesity in association with a reduced-energy diet and exercise. The administration of Redotex for six months produces a weight loss of 13.55 kg and the waist circumference decreases on average 12.8 cm, while with NF Redotex a reduction of 10.31 kg and 8.2 cm is reported,respectively.

How Redotex Started

Often referred to as “Mexican Miracle Diet Drug,” meaning the production company is based in Mexico. However, to date, no company has linked itself to the production of Redotex dietary pills. Consequently Redotex supplements cause all sorts of adverse side effects.

Redotex Claims

As far as claims go, losing 6 pounds of fat in a week takes the cake. Some other claims include:

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